I get this is on the grounds that there

Today, I brought an audit from the back rub shop Bellaterapy in Hongdae to ease my exhaustion.

Hongdae rub shop Bella Therapy

Hongdae rub shop Bellaterapy data.

The general environment is exceptionally tranquil and comfortable

I’m diminished to hear that you’re doing an exhaustive pay and quarantine

Most importantly, the late spring couple bundle was the most observable.

Due to COVIDO, it is difficult to date nowadays

I figure it will be a great idea to mitigate exhaustion while kneading.

Regardless of whether you’re not a couple, you can utilize it with great cost and execution

It’s a ringer treatment summer couple bundle

It’s 77 won for two individuals

Full body knead + ear light or discovery, parapin pack

Bella terrapi menu

Essential administration

Full-length 40,000 One (an hour)

Foot care 40,000 won (an hour)

Entire body fragrance oil the board

60,000 won (70 minutes) on the rear of the entire body

Full-body back + foot 70, 000 won (80 minutes)

Full back + foot + mid-region 80, 000 won (an hour and a half)

Extra decision

The ear flame is 15,000 won

Peeling the bottom of the foot 10,000 source

It’s 5,000 won

It’s 250,000 won for facial consideration

10,000 won for at regular intervals of extra administration time

I’m happy with the neatness and the changing room

The suggested Bella Therapy in Hongdae is huge

Every one of the directors are exceptionally capable

Hongdae rub shop Bella Therapy

This is a spot for foot shower.

It should be for 2 individuals, and generally it was comfortable.

I feel like I’m improving since I’m plunging my feet

Hongik University knead shop Bellatherapy

I generally got a smell knead, yet this is my first time getting a dry back rub.

I was stressed that it may hurt a great deal,

He was exceptionally kind. He let me know where it harms individually

He said he thought something wasn’t right. He advised me to release him

I think I was calmed.

I ordinarily do a great deal of PC work, and I generally feel like I’m on top of a bear on my back and shoulders

I felt weighty and hardened

It diminishes weakness for about 60 minutes, however it doesn’t hurt by any means

It’s so cool

Specifically, I’m 홈타이 discussing the back neck and shoulder joint

He’s fastidious and slackens tight muscles… Ok… It’s so cool

I get this is on the grounds that there are acceptable administrators

The last flame

This is my first time getting an ear flame,

The rule is to hold the ear flame in your ear and fix it with a towel.

The sound of consuming in my ear. It quiets me down,

I felt like I was nodding off.

Ear flame is compelling

It generally diminishes sleep deprivation, wretchedness, stress, and cerebral pains,

Because of the hotness related impacts of ear candles, illnesses like colds, otitis media, rhinitis, and so forth

It is said to have an improvement impact.

I’m so drained since I’m getting these ear candles in a bundle

At the point when I got back, my shoulders got worried It’s so cool

In the event that you really wanted a back rub close to Hongdae,

I suggest it

Hongik University Massage Shop Recommended Bellatherapy

Gracious, right

Following a few days of back rub, I felt revived and lighter

I truly suggest it

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