more terrible at this point

I remained at home

I have a lunch arrangement

I was late talking over some espresso…

I reserved a spot at four o’clock and showed up at four ten

I need to consider myself.

When I showed up

I’m upset for being late Before I even told you

You said my name and grinned at me

Back rub recuperation treatment that I will get

He clarified it

I’ve as of now taken the course

I believe it’s my first time getting it from a male educator

In the storage space where I was directed

There are outfits by size

It’s normally given at the data work area

Some of the time I get the size I don’t need

Size pick I need

I’m a fat ass

I’ll wear a major size

Also, it’s a banner on one side of the storage space

You can reserve a spot for a back rub through Naver

You can get a markdown

To get Gudong Myungkwaeyu knead

Reserve a spot on Naver

This is Heiyul before the back rub.

I preferred that you removed your clothing before the back rub

I wore a mental bra

I thought it was a consolation

It’s awkward to get a back rub at somewhere else

I removed my clothing in the center

At the point when I go to get a back rub after that

I generally utilize a mental bra

They don’t utilize the storage space since it’s excessively high

Regardless of whether I’m more than 170

It was excessively high for me

I disdain utilizing the base rack however I was unable to help it

Subsequent to removing my garments

Foot shower time

I scrubbed down for around five minutes

It helps course in the body

You used to struggle taking out extras while washing up

Are you currently exposed and taking out the entirety of your adornments

It took longer

However, it’s actually warm. Noron

Before I go to Gudong Myungyu knead

I haven’t dozed since two days prior

I separated for two evenings, so I didn’t rest for four hours

I’m so drained

I feel great in the wake of washing up

I can’t rest

You’re so perfect

He cleaned it with no water

Take cues from you

Go into the back rub room

I’ve had it from a person at a manual treatment or a back rub shop

I’m a youthful and kind man

I’m anxious alone

It’s a solitary space for me

The humidifier’s on as well

It was great on the grounds that the temperature was warm

Ask where you feel awkward before the treatment

With back torment subsequent to moving

I’m letting you know I’m feeling sickly generally speaking

You’re lying face down and applying pressure point massage to my body

Your pelvis is somewhat shifted

My head is somewhat shifted

He let me know I probably won’t feel great

Give him move his body access the center

Let me know where it’s awkward or where it’s not

He checked in the center

The way that I have a 출장홈타이 great deal of pelvis is

I definitely knew

I couldn’t say whether it’s any more terrible at this point

My left leg harms

I thought you were wiped out as a result of basic corpulence

It’s a pelvic issue

He suggested hip revision

Subsequent to getting rub

Worn down Yul

Yet, I feel much lighter at this point

The anteroom for conference previously, then after the fact the back rub

Possibly this is on the grounds that it’s another point

It was perfect and open

It’s straightforward here

You additionally showed me extending

Many thanks

There’s an issue with my body and what I need

Much thanks to you for clarifying it once more.

There’s a ton of unfortunate quirks continuing

He’s annihilating my body

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