It was so comfortable, cool and nice.

Hello Bustar is pure

I got a decolte massage to celebrate my first care in a million years

I’m going to steam the reviews that I received properly!

You used to work so hard

I’ve been getting reviews from them often

I’ve been to Bangkok mode for the first time in a million years.

I only got one care before

I love it so much that I can sleep deeply. There’s a place I like to start

I cut it off with Cheongdam skin care!

I have been to Clermonde!

Isn’t the interior from the outside so pretty?

It’s more impressive 출장마사지 because it’s not a shopping mall.

Thanks to you, I will never forget once I come here!

When you first came here, look for a signboard

I can recognize it right away!

I was groomed for Clermonde’s signature caretaker.

Scraping & water treatment course for upper body and face care

It’s a natural story as it goes together

You can get it even if it’s not Yesin.

I’ve always liked you since you took care of me

I got the same one again this time!

It has a white tone and the interior is very neat

The first floor has a desk, a dressing room, and a waiting area

The 2nd floor is a place where full-scale care is done.

All the products used in massage therapy!

France’s famous therapy cosmetics brand

I am using Dalpang products.

People who are interested in esthetics are familiar with this brand, right?!

Even the waiting area is so pretty!

The terrace is decorated like a small garden next to it

Do you think I feel like I’m in a cafe?

I made an appointment to take care of her skin

I could get care right away without waiting!

I was also satisfied

It’s a place with high satisfaction,

It is famous for word of mouth Bonny

It operates on a 100% reservation system!

Please contact in advance before you visit!

I have a simple check!

I have a history of visiting, so I don’t write it down,

How much do you talk about your skin problems recently? Roh

I took it lightly!

Check this part carefully!

I’m moving after changing my clothes, keeping my luggage.

The fitting room on the first floor is pretty big!!

It’s a 100% reservation system, so there’s no need to cross the line with other customers

There aren’t many, but the changing room was so big that I loved it

It’s not stuffy and comfortable.

You can keep your luggage in the locker you want.

You can change into a gown.

I have to take out the accessories

I like to take out earrings, too.

I wear it all the time I saw her take off her earrings

I always forget; Finally, just before care

My manager? I got it because he told me I am

There are sink, towel, dryer, etc. in the fitting room.

After the decolte massage, your hair will get damaged

Your head can get oily too!

If you have an appointment or feel uncomfortable

He washed and dried his hair here

I didn’t make an appointment later~

I even brought a hat for this

You’re a veteran’s know-how.

When you go to Cheongdam for skin care, hat is essential!

I often recommend you to pack your hat!

You don’t have to have it if you have it.

The sadness of the person who can’t drive comes out of here..

Change and move to the 2nd floor!

I got it in a space with 2 beds.

It’s been going very private

There are 2 beds, but I got them by myself.

You’re getting beaten up like this.

Do you want to take care of yourself?

So I don’t have to cross the line

It was nice to arrange it separately.

It is done with upper body + face care.

You looked at my skin condition and found dead skin cells and sebum and milk

He said he had some

So the face is dead skin cells & sebum care,

We decided to focus on water supply!

You said experts’hands are different

I simply did cleansing

It feels different. It feels different!

After cleansing, I scrubbed dead skin cells.

I waited like this for about 20 minutes

The bed I’m lying on is warm and the lights are soft

I fell asleep and felt soft…?

So comfortable…

He took care of dead skin cells and got into trouble

It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, so I’m nervous.

I think I’m sleeping, but I’m not sleeping

Close your eyes and tense mode

I can’t film the whole process, so let’s put it into words.

It includes both hand-written and general massage.

It was so cool and nice!

It feels like the place where I was feeling heavy and lumpy is unraveling!

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a good posture these days. My back and shoulders

I feel like I’m united and not like I used to.

He was very cool and nice.

I like pressed ones, but it was my favorite pressed ones.

Check the pressure from time to time

You’ve been kind enough to check how she’s doing

My manager (?) has a normal shoulder, neck, and back

You must’ve had a hard time because you don’t have a body

It was nice of you to be so meticulous!!

At the end of the day, we did step two of the pack for moisture supply

I unconsciously did a deep sleep.

It was so comfortable, cool and nice.

I agree with him why he was so satisfied and famous for word of mouth

Why did I like you

It was an understandable day again!

It’s not Yesin, but I recommend decolte massage.

Face, upper body care, face / hair / neck / etc

Do you think it’s a feeling of intensive care for the area you need for it?

If you’re sitting in front of a computer all day

It’s a part that can’t be undone. You know?

I didn’t know the time was flying.

I don’t even know how comfortable I am

I’m done talking since I came back from deep sleep

I went to Cheongdam skin care Clermonde which is good at decolte massage

For overall care from face to back

It’s been a while to refresh myself

I came back from Clermonde Cheongdam skin care.

I’m proud that I got off to a good start.

To capture the atmosphere of the first floor

I filmed it on the first floor

You can refer to it.

I’m tired both physically and mentally these days,

You can relax your stiff body

I wanted to help you feel better

Yesin, especially more!

Take a de colte massage

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